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College Rankings

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Provided below is a detailed examination of the criteria used to rank colleges:

The US News Criteria

25% = Peer Assessment: by President, Dean of Students, Dir of Admissions
20% = Resources for Faculty, and Student: Faculty Ratio
20% = Retention Rates: Return and Graduation
15% = Student Selectivity
10% = Financial Resources
5% = Alumni Giving Rate
5% = Predicted versus Actual Graduation Rate

Your College believes there is a more sensible way to rank colleges.

The YC Criteria

(1) Faculty Accessibility to Students
(2) Small Average Class Size and Few Large Classes
(3) % of Classes Taught by Professors, not Grad Students
(4) Price: Cost Burden and Debt Load at Graduation
(5) Student Wellness: Campus Indicators
(6) User Satisfaction: Students, Faculty, Parents, Alumni
(7) Peer Self-Assessment in All Categories
(8) Secondary School Counselor Surveys
(9) Selectivity
(10) Quality of Student Performance on Campus
(11) Post-Graduate Student Experience
(12) Student Service to Others
(13) Retention Rates: Return and Graduation
(14) Campus Aesthetics

YC's criteria may be more subjective, hence harder to quantify. However, much of what makes a college special may not lend itself all that well to statistical analysis. On the other hand, does having the largest endowment really make for the best college? Are well-paid research professors, who do not even teach undergraduates, adding all that much to college quality? And how much do school officials really know about colleges they have never attended or perhaps even seen?


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